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Abbas Yusuf is preparing for his next album!

"AlQarar" is the name of his next album.

For the first time he’s recording in English. Abbas Yusuf is preparing to release a new album very soon. The album is called AlQarar, which mean the decision. One of the tracks ‘Hussain is my Hero’ is in both Arabic and English, and marks Abbas’s very first eulogy in English.

Abbas Yusuf is a famous Islamic reciter and one of the 100 most influential islamic singers in Bahrain in 2019, he currently lives in London, after recently migrating here.

From a young age, Abbas was often told he had a beautiful voice (and his voice is still beautiful!) and he started off by reciting in his local mosque. Now Abbas has gone on to release a number of albums and singles and his latest one is to be released very soon.

We are looking forward to hearing the new album, and we hope you are too!

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