Bahrain’s dictator under international pressure not to kill two natives

Calls by human rights bodies, activists and families of victims have been made to Bahrain’s khalifi clan to allow UN Special Rapporteurs on torture, Extra Judicial killing, arbitrary detention, women and children rights, into the country. These calls have come in light of regime’s escalation in ill-treatment, abuse and torture of native political prisoners. For more than ten years none of those Rapporteurs has been allowed to inspect the atrocious treatment of Bahrainis at the hands of the khalifis. None of the independent international human rights bodies like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, IFEX has been granted access to the county. Instead, the regime created several “oversight” GANGOs to further its policy of deception.

Last week the regime’s main GANGO on human rights (led by a Jordanian woman) made false claims including that prisoners at the notorious Jau prison were enjoying good treatment and had not complained of abuse. The victims took the unprecedented step of issuing voice messages to the contrary. From Bloc 14 the message was clear; What the GANGO had said was false. Several detainees sent out individual messages to this effect. Naji Fateel, a prominent human rights activist languishing behind bars confirmed his suffering with skin disease, harsh itching and bleeding in various parts of his body. Laith Khalil Al Tawq’s voice message also contradicted the GANGO’s lies. Another inmate, Hassan Al Sari sent a voice message in which he said that he would start hunger strike if he did not receive treatment. Hussain Ali Ayyad who is serving 15 years for peacefully opposing khalifi hereditary dictatorship has been harassed for exercising his religious rights. Political prisoner, Mohammad Hamid Al Daqqaq has not communicated or met his family for more than a month and his family is gravely worried about his well-being. The mother of Ahmed Al Asfoor has also called on the khalifi regime to stop the ill-treatment of her son confirming that she had not heard anything from him for several weeks.

On 23rd July 39 French Parliamentarians wrote to Bahrain’s dictator calling on him to commute the death sentences passed against Mohamed Ramadhan and Husain Moosa. The letter, drafted by Député Jacques Maire, joins other calls issued by their AmericanBritishItalian, and European colleagues, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human RightsAmnesty InternationalHuman Rights Watch and Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) to halt the execution orders against the two innocent men.

On 23rd July also, 53 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) wrote to dictator Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain, calling on him to commute the death sentences passed against Maher Abbas al-Khabbaz, Salman Isa Ali Salman, Hussein Abdullah Khalil Ebrahim, Mohammad Radhi Abdulla Hassan, Sayed Ahmed Fuad Abbas Isa Ahmed Al-Abar, Hussein, Ali Mahdi Jasim Mohamed, Hussein Ebrahim Ali Hussein Marzooq, Moosa Abdallah Moosa Jafaar, Hussain Abdullah Marhoon Rashid, Zuhair Ebrahim Jasim Abdullah.

On 23rd July 16 international and Bahraini rights groups said that Bahrain’s ruler should commute the death sentences of Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Ali Moosa. The statement said: The men were not afforded a fair trial and their allegations of torture were not adequately investigated. Both men said that their confessions were obtained under torture. Neither defendant was able to meet with his lawyer at any time before the trial. “The death penalty is unique in its cruelty and finality, and serious doubt cast on the fairness of the trial should be grounds for commuting the sentence,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Bahrain’s King Hamad should correct this grave miscarriage of justice and ensure that Hussein Ali Moosa and Mohamed Ramadan are not executed.”

On Monday 27th July The Parisian Ligue 2 club announced the sale of 20% of its shares to Bahrain’s tyrant. The news was confirmed by Paris FC. The transaction would amount to 5 million Euros. Pierre Ferracci , the chairman, retains 77% of the capital, the remaining 3% being held by small shareholders. Khalifi dictator also becomes main sponsor of the Ligue 2 team. At the beginning of March Ferracci met Nasser ben Hamed Al Khalifa, one of the sons of the ruler’s son. The dictator’s empire is already owner of a World Tour (1st Division) Bahrain-McLaren cycling team, bought in December and the Spanish football club Cordoba (3rd division) for 3 million euros. And recently, the khalifis signed an agreement with France for the development of sport, especially football. Unfortunately the European governments have failed to check the source of the money which has been stolen from the public treasury. This is at the time when the country suffers great loss of revenue and extreme financial crisis partly because of Covid-19, decline of oil prices and mismanagement.

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