Sexual assault and torture in Bahrain

The authorities in Bahrain are considered as one of the most violent ones when it comes to the violations of human rights. Among them, there is permanent sexual assault against women.

It is a systematic crime used by the security forces in Bahrain as a torture tool in prisons and torture centers.
Many direct records as well as reports from human rights organizations assert that there is evidence that an important part of the violations of human rights in Bahrain have an sexual aspect, whether it is against men or women.
This same assertion has been confirmed by courageous women who witnessed in the BBC documentary movie (Bahrain: Breaking the silence) which highlighted some of these sexual assaults.
This documentary movie added a new and additional testimony on the many others which exist on this kind of human rights violations proving that the authorities in this country do not have any respect for the human rights and the basic values.
It is also another testimony for the international community on the violations of human rights in the Bahraini prisons. We invite the international and human rights organizations to pressure the Bahraini authorities to stop all the violations of human rights and to release immediately all the political prisoners.


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