Global support for jailed Saudis, Muharram activities attacked in Bahrain

On 9th September Saudi bloggers staged a wide campaign on social media in support of the prisoners of conscience languishing in Saudi jails. The campaign also sought to highlight the new policies of targeting opponents outside the country. As the first anniversary of Jamal Khasoggi’s murder approaches the Saudi crown prince feels more uncomfortable. He had been implicated in the killing and dismemberment on 3rd October last year  of the victim who was an outspoken critic of the regime. An account named “Prisoners of Conscience” called for a day of tweeting in support of Saudi prisoners on 9th September. They are marking two years of the massive regime’s campaign against the people. They targeted both Mohammad bin Salman and Mohammad bin Zayed for their role in waging the war against pro-democracy activists in many countries. A joint Saudi-Emirati invasion of Bahrain in mid-March 2011 was their first extra-territorial expansionism. Since them they have intervened in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. On 4thSeptember a criminal court in Riyadh sentenced a peaceful protester from the town of Awwamiyah in the Eastern Province to a lengthy prison sentence. Ali Al Ridwan was given 12 years after extremely unfair trial. No lawyer was allowed to represent the victim.

Today, Amnesty International issued a direct call to the khalifi rulers of Bahrain to stop persecuting a prominent academic. It said: The authorities must immediately grant Abdel-Jalil al-Singace access to the medical care he so desperately needs and ensure that the necessary medication is available to him, It further added: Abdel-Jalil al-Singace has several chronic illnesses, including post-polio syndrome, sickle cell disease, and a musculoskeletal condition. Additionally, since 22 August 2019, he has been experiencing severe chest pain, numbness in his fingers, and shaking in his left hand – which he relies on to move with his crutches. The denial of medical treatment to a seriously ill prisoner is shockingly cruel and puts his life in danger. It can also violate the prohibition of torture and other ill-treatment.

The Ashoura (Muharram) season this year saw an escalation of khalifi enmity of both the natives and their cultural and religious heritage. Scores of scholars, preachers, orators and heads of the religious halls (matams) were summoned, threatened and, in many circumstances, jailed. The khalifis are known for their policies of targeting the natives within a broad strategy of “genocide” that includes the obliteration of the cultural and religious specifities of the natives. Among those who were persecuted for their thoughts and breaching in recent days are: Sheikh Hassan Al Shakhouri, Sheikh Munir Al Ma’tooq, Sheikh Isa al Mo’men,  Sheikh Abdul Mohsin Al Jamri, Sheikh Mahmood Al Ujaimi, Mulla Qassim Zain Al Din, Sheikh Fadel Al Zaaki, Sheikh Jaffar Al Sayegh, Sheikh Sadeq Rabi’, Mulla Jawad Mirza, Sheikh Isa Eid, Sheikh Haamed A’shoor, Sheikh Zuhair Al Khaal, Sheikh Jaber Al Shahrakkani and Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al Mahfood. Some of them were charged with ridiculous offences such as presenting historical facts that the khalifi dictators do not like. Among the orators who were persecuted for participating in the religious processions related to Imam Hussain’s martyrdom are: Ahmad Al Awainati, Ali Hamadi, Sayed Hadi Al Biladi and Abdulla Al Buri (Abu Sajjad). Religious symbols related to Ashoura were also attacked in many towns and villages including: Al Musalla, Al Markh, Karbabad, Hamad Town (Roundabout 4) and Jordab.

A group of students from Abu Quwwa town were detained, tortured and abused. Nothing was known about their whereabouts since their abduction by members of regime’s Death Squads. They are: Sayed Hassan Sayed Hamid, Muntadhar Rashid, Sayed Abbas Al Durazi, Sayed Fadhel Sayed Abbas, Mohammad Abdul Amir, Sayed Ali Sayed Jalal, Ali Essa, Hassan Sadeq and Sayed Ahmad Sayed Hashem.Native Bahraini athlete Younus Hadher who is serving ten years for his anti-regime stands has been denied his necessary medications or specialist treatment for his bouts of epilepsy and loss of consciousness.

The khalifi persecution of native Bahrainis includes intervention in the specifics of their belief. In the past two weeks the slogan of the season became an irritant to the khalifi dictator. The majority Shia Muslim population had chosen the words “Together with a triumphant Imam (leader)”. The dictator was outraged. The implicit message of the slogan is that the native Bahrainis aspire to follow the triumphant Imam. This is part of a religious tradition linked to the Ashoura season. The regime has always challenged the intrinsic religious doctrines and slogans that hint to victory for the people over tyranny and dictatorship. This has enraged the regime; it mobilized its mercenaries to remove banners and flags displaying this slogan. Many of those in charge of the processions were threatened and told to remove it from their congregation halls.

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11th September 2019 (,

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