Launching an important report on the corruption and property of the ruling family in Bahrain

* London: Bahraini opposition holds a press conferenc

? The Bahrain Opposition in Britain held a press conference at the Frindshose Building in London’s Euston  on Tuesday 8 May 2018. The conference addressed the theme:

Bahrain : An overgrown tribe and an exhausted country

1 – Dr. Jalal Fayrouz, former member of the Bahraini parliament and a member of the Bahraini opposition bloc in Britain.

  1. A representative of Transparency International.

3 – Representative of the Bahraini community in Britain.

The speakers at the press conference highlighted the Bahraini authorities’ recent actions against the Bahraini people, which reached horrific levels. He pointed to Bahrain’s lack of commitment to “good governance” and corruption in the ruling circles.

A report was presented showing the confiscation of the national wealth by the ruling family and the transfer of a large part of the national wealth to their personal accounts. The report also reviewed how national revenues are invested in confiscation by the Bahraini monarch and his family.

Mr. Fayrouz has been exposed to the subject of the seizure of the Bahrani king on large tracts of land in Bahrain and to the acquisition of beaches except for 20 percent, has revealed the existence of palaces and property and hotels in Britain estimated billions of pounds owned by the King of Bahrain, and pointed to the acquisition of wealth more than double The wealth of members of the ruling family in Britain combined ..

The press conference received wide media coverage and a live broadcast from Al Jazeera, UNUZ, the squares, the fields, the pearl, the march, and the direction.


UK has duty to do something in Bahrain. Its support of the regime does not help. His visit to UK only makes him do worse. Bahrain had peaceful revolution having suffered immensely at the hands of Alkhalifa. Actively promoting peace is clear by the people.
Jalal Fairooz
A report published by Bahrain Bloc and Bahrain Campaign; Overstuffed Bahrain. Bahrain is being looted by the ruling family. Conflict between regime and people has intensified; the regime sentenced to death penalties and life imprisonment. Religious leader under house arrest. Poltiical leaders are behind bars. Hamad will be in UK this weekend to attend Windsor Horse Show. He will meet ministers.
HR bodies have called for moratorium on selling arms to regime. Also Stop the War and CAAT.
These images show what goes on in the streets. So imagine what happens at jails.
There are women prisoners, mothers, grandmothers. Some very sick. Mother in law of Sayed Al WAdaei is sick. This is what king does.
Wealth is concentrated in hands of family members. \People suffered unemployment and jail.
Half population are under poverty line.
Unemployment officially estimated at 50 percent. Women have higher unemployment.
90 percent of the rich people are from Alkhalifa.
They take 46 percent of income.
12.2 percent get income below 5 dollars a day.
Between 1926 and 1970 alkhalifa received 25 percent of income
Up to 1974 ruler received 10 percent of revenue.
Income from some oil fileds to alkhalifa members.
For 40 years they stopped disclosing budget of royal court.
Even abu sa’afa oil field is kept secret; how much comes from it.
In 2009 there was committee in parliament to investigate land ownership. 60 percent of the country is owned by alkhalifa
One half of the country is no-go area for ruler and his family.
Bahrain is an island but without a coast. Only 20 percent of the coasts are visible to the people. The rest are built by  members of alkhalifa.
Cabinet: 50 percent of its members from alkhalifa. Two thirds of ministers are alkhalifa members.
King has several palaces. In Sakhir took the area of 20 square kilometres. Highway was supposed to go from North to South but he stopped it because it would pass through his palaces.
Manama has 180,000 residents. Umm Na’ssan has equivalent area but he tookit for himself.
Hamad town is largest city, but his mansions is the size of it.
An area of plantation called Hourat Aali was confiscated by king.
Properties in London owned by king include Marriott Hotel and Four Seasons in Park Lane.
Wealth of royal family in uk is estimated at 60 billion pounds. Hamad has 120 billion pounds.
Second person is prime minister has been in his office since 1971. The Financial Harbour which is a huge tower, had been “bought” by PM for 2 pounds from the government.
Jida, former prison for political prisoners. It has now been taken by pm himself.
Third person is crown prince. He took large areas from the country.
Rest of royal family members.
Hawar island was disputed between Bahrain and Qatar. Who gained its control? King
The houses of Bahrainis are so basic.
When UK delegations visit Bahrain they are taken to high class areas, not where native Bahrainis live.
Sources of family income must be revealed to parliament
International community should know alkhalifa ownership
Supporters of regime must refrain from arming alkhalifa
Public land and coastlines should be returned to people
Transparency UK:  Steve   head of team
We pursue corruption, companies bribing governments etc.
Examine funds of public procurement.
We research UK’s role in assisting corrupt regime as Bahrain.
We highlight where money comes from. £660 million were investigated but it may be larger.
Arms deals, role of UK individuals, institutions and politicians in legitimising regime.
Activities that help them
52 MPs visits to Bahrain paid by institutions of Bahrain. Cost of 100,000 paid by Bahrain. They attend Manama Dialogue.
Two MPs giving strategic advice to Bahrain.
The acceptance of money from regime; 3 millions to refurbish hall in Sandhurst.
8 million paid to PR firms like Pottinger.
Three conclusions about UK’s role:
There needs better due diligence by uk officials when dealing with individuals or government
2- UK made itself hostile to corrupt money.
3- How supporting corrupt regime undermines long term stability of the regime.
Ali Al Fayez
Opposition demands are genuine. We demand democratic transformation.
Royal family dominate and enjoy wealth
This is a result of embracing and adopting this corrupt regime.
The visit is clear endorsement and support of dictator who tortures,dissolves political sociteis, places highest religious authority under house arrest. King also allowed participatin in Yemen war
Bahrain needs democratic transformation that lead to segregation of powers.
Hamad has all powers in his hands.
He controls wealth andpower in Bahrain. We have parliament; half of it is appointed by king and 40 percent elected unfair election. Gov will issue new law to ban half population from voting.
This election is for regime’s members not for people.
Amnesty, HRW andothers talk of systematice torture, persecution et.
But we still hear UK saying Bahrain is going in  right direction.
We have been hearing that for seven years.
We need democratic transformation based on one man one vote principle.
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