Saudis condemned on 3rd anniversary of war, Scores of Bahrainis detained

The third anniversary of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen has been marked worldwide with indignation, revulsion and calls for an immediate halt of American and British arms supplies to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Protests were held in several Western cities and calls were made for an immediate ceasefire and the establishment of war crimes tribunal to investigate Saudi and Emirati crimes. Two days ago (26thMarch) Yemeni people gathered in the capital Sanaa in their millions to mark the third anniversary of the Saudi-led aggression. An ocean of people filled the roads and public places in a show of solidarity that has sent strong message not only to the Saudis, Emiratis and Alkhalifa but to the West especially USA and UK. Articles were written with a clear message to Washington and London: Stop arms supplies to the aggressors. The message was clear: the Saudis and their allies have lost the military conflict that they had started; it is time for them to accept that fact and negotiate a political settlement. Both Washington and London are embarrassed that they have been party to the conflict and played their cards wrong by siding with the aggressors who have effectively defeated despite their superior forces.

The Saudis have been rattled two days ago (the day of the 3rd anniversary of the war) by the salvo of rockets that hit the capital Riyadh and several other cities and military bases. There is unease both in Washington and Riyadh that the missile dome protecting the Saudi capital has failed to intercept the Yemeni ballistic missiles that led to destruction and death. The realisation that the cradle of the Saudi empire is no longer shielded from their much weaker foes in Yemen is causing deep unease in the region. Both Saudis and Alkhalifa are worried that their misfortunes in the war could lead to an abrupt collapse of their regimes, given their endemic internal crisis and the hostility with their neighbours.

In Bahrain, regime’s repression has intensified in recent days. In addition to a deteriorating economic situation, internal conflicts especially between the ruler and his uncle, the ancient prime minister have come out to in the open on social media. The tyrant’s fears of the people’s revolution has pushed him to escalate repression. Yesterday Duraz Town was raided in the early hours and at least 14 young people including children were snatched. They include: Mohammad Fadhel Al Marazooq, Hassan Isa AlFatlawi, Sayed Ahmad Sayed Majeed, Hussain Mohammad Saleh and Qassim Aqeel Fadhel. Other detainees include: Hajji Aqeel Al Madani, Hajji Ali Abdullah Qassim, Hajji Mansoor Hayat and Habeeb Hassan Al A’Adhab. A week ago five children were also detained from Duraz: Hussam Al Rayes, Sayed Hassan Sayed Salman, Jaffar Aqeel Al Madani, Mohammad Isa Al A’Adhab and Sayed Habeeb Kadhem.

On 24th March regime’s mercenary forces attacked the towns of Abu Saiba and AlShakhoura and arrested many of their youth. They include: Ibrahim Nazar, Ammar Majeed, Hussain Mohammad Dawood, Sayed Hussain Sayed Hashem, Sayed Ahmad Sayed Hamza, Sayed Mohammad Sayed Redha, Sayed Muntadhar Sayed Jaffar, Hassan Salman Ahmad, Jassim Mohammad Ali, Hussain Mohammad Jaffar AlZaaki, Hussain Jaffar Al Asfoor and his brother, Hassan, Ali Fardan and Mohammad Abbas. In the early hours of yesterday under-aged youth, Sayed Mohammad Sayed Hussain Al Mahafda from Daih Town was detained in a dawn raid on his house. He had recently been detained and beaten mercilessly. On 26th March, Ahmad Samir, from Jidhafs was detained in a house raid.

On Monday 26th March, Alkhalifa court sentenced nine native Bahrainis to seven years each. They include Nazar Al Wadaei (cousin of Sayed Ahmad Al Wadaei, the prominent human rights activist), He is now serving a total of 13 years just because he is the cousin of the activist. This revenge policy by the dictator resulted in sentencing the boy’s mother to three years. Last week Sayed Al Wadaei’s wife was given two months jail sentence in absentia. This is one of the most outrageous episodes of the sham justice employed by Alkhalifa dictators against their opponents.

Fears are mounting for the health of many detainees who are denied proper medical treatment. The eldest female prisoner, Fawziya MashaAllah is suffering serious ill-health for which little treatment is offered. She had suffered heart problems and high blood pressure for some time. Activists, including Mrs Ibtisam Al Sayegh have raised their concerns but to no avail. The senior leaders of the Revolution are also suffering ill health especially as they grow older in age. Hassan Mushaima and Abdul Wahab Hussain have been denied medical treatment, family visits and open space time to exercise. For almost one year these rights have been denied them and their health is gradually deteriorating. Protests have continued in various parts of the country against the ill-treatment of these leaders. Also the continued house arrest of Ayatullah Sheikh Isa Qassim is causing alarm among the people who protested in the streets in the past few days.

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